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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Earlier today, I published my list of the 40 best music videos of 2014. It’s always a bit dangerous to publish a year-end list before the year is actually over, especially in this new surprise-release universe where we now live. But it sure looks like the music-video universe has slowed down for the holiday season, and nothing on this list presented much of a threat to make it onto the year-end list. This week’s five picks are all good videos, but make sure you’ve seen everything on the year-end list before you bother with any of them. This week’s picks are below.

5. Pusha T – “Lunch Money” (Dir. Emil Nava)

The idea of making a rap video that looks like a found-footage horror movie is laughably dumb in a lot of ways. But the laughing stops when you see just how fucking spooky these dancers are.

4. St. Vincent – “Birth In Reverse” (Dir. Willo Perron)

Whether or not you were in love with the music, Annie Clark did incredible things with her persona this year, transforming herself into a white-haired, stiff-limbed, guitar-wrecking glam-rock alien. And while this video doesn’t actually do much, it showcases the hell out of that persona.

3. Cheatahs – “Controllers” (Dir. Federico Urdaneta)

Little kids are so adorable when they contemplate the futility of existence. I don’t know why, but the way they smile through this whole thing really gets me.

2. Skrillex – “Dirty Vibe” (Feat. Diplo, G-Dragon & CL) (Dir. @LILINTERNET)

If, at any point during your music video, you have G-Dragon looking vaguely sad while perching on the trunk of a Lamborghini and rapping, your video will probably find its way onto this list. Just saying.

1. Panda Bear – “Boys Latin” (Dir. Isaiah Saxon & Sean Hellfritsch)

I don’t know if Noah Lennox went to Boys Latin, but I do know a few things about it: It’s an expensive, upper-crust college prep school in Baltimore, and I’m pretty sure its lacrosse team wins a lot. When I was in high school, we made fun of kids who went there, but my parents probably would’ve killed to send me there. If this is what goes on at Boys Latin, though, they’re probably glad I stayed in public school.