Paul Stanley’s Awkward, Unaired Folger’s Commercial Surfaces After 14 Years

In 2000, the KISS co-leader Paul Stanley filmed a commercial for the instant coffee behemoth Folger’s. The ad never aired, and it’s not entirely clear why. Online, people are theorizing that it seemed to removed from Stanley’s image, or that the company was too conservative to sign off on a commercial with a rock star in it. It seems more likely, though, that the ad never appeared on TV because it was really, really bad. The much sought-after ad finally hit the internet and went viral this weekend. It shows Stanley, without pancake makeup, striking poses and singing an inspirational jingle while some lady executes a coffee-driven trapeze trick. Watch it now, before the video below gets pulled from YouTube.

(via Ultimate Classic Rock)

2000 doesn’t seem like that long ago, but apparently it was another geological era entirely.