Bon Scott Biopic In The Works

As the original frontman for AC/DC, Bon Scott was one of rock’s all-time great cartoon characters: An id-driven caveman with a scratchy blues-yowl who never met a dick pun he didn’t love. The records he made with AC/DC are among the greatest, dumbest hard rock records in history, though the band didn’t hit its commercial peak until shortly after Scott drank himself to death in 1980. And now Billboard reports that those close to Scott are planning on honoring him with a new documentary and a biopic. The as-yet-documentary Looking For Bon is due sometime next year, with the actor David O’Hara narrating. Meanwhile, the late Vince Lovegrove, a former bandmate of Scott’s in the pre-AC/DC band the Valentine’s, has written a script for a biopic, which will apparently go into production sometime next year. Billboard also has an interview with Peter Head, a longtime friend of Scott, who describes him as an intelligent person who enjoyed books and jazz. If that’s true, he did a hell of a job hiding it. A Scott biopic, if it omits that books-and-jazz stuff, could be one of the great nonstop debauchery-fests of rock cinema, but we’ll have to see how it turns out.

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