Magic! – “Rude (SAINT PEPSI Remix)”

I’ll go on record and say that Magic!’s “Rude” is the most insufferable pop song of the year, even leaving the shitty gender politics of the track out of the equation. But leave it to boy wonder Saint Pepsi to make it even remotely tolerable — Ryan DeRobertis works his “magic” (ha) on the track, like he has in the past with Justin Bieber and “Call Me Maybe.” It also helps that he knows he’s trolling all of us, putting some well-placed “bazingas” at the end of the track and incorporating the runner-up for the most insufferable song of the year: “Fancy.” And it’s a good occasion to remind you to check out “Fiona Coyne,” which is actually one of the best tracks of the year, and his also excellent Gin City EP. Listen to his “Rude” remix below.