Watch Eminem Reveal He’s Gay In A Scene From The Interview

Watch Eminem Reveal He’s Gay In A Scene From The Interview

In a surprising reversal, Sony Pictures has decided to release The Interview, the controversial Seth Rogen and James Franco action-comedy many believe is at the center of last month’s devastating cyber attack on the studio. (Franco’s talk show host character Dave Skylark assassinates North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the movie. Dear Leader has not been chill about it.) Sony’s initial cancellation of the film was widely criticized as a blow to free speech; President Obama called the decision “a mistake.” And it just so happens that North Korea probably had nothing to do with the hack after all.

In any case, Google and Microsoft have stepped in so you can watch The Interview on YouTube or Xbox Video right now. You can also rent or buy it at It’s supposed to be pretty bad! But there is one early cameo from Eminem (playing himself) you might enjoy. The rapper, who’s been under fire for his homophobic lyrics over the last 15 years, makes a big announcement to Franco’s Skylark. Here’s the setup, via ABC News:

Skylark asks the rapper how he is able to use such violent language in his raps, and, [New York reporter Abraham] Riesman said that the singer responds stone-faced, saying something along the lines of: “When I rap about women, that’s because of problems I had with my mother. When I rap about gay people, that’s because I’m gay.”

Seth Rogen plays Skylark’s producer, who tells Skylark to go back to the stunning revelation that was just made on live television, which Riesman said leads Eminem to say that he is surprised that it took people so long to figure out.

“He does it so straight, no pun intended,” Riesman said of Eminem’s delivery. “He has such incredible comic timing. I never would have expected.”

Watch Eminem’s big scene below.

There’s also a running gag about Katy Perry’s “Firework.” USA!

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