Watch Zosia Mamet’s Band Chacha Play Their Debut Single “Too Good” In NYC

If you’ll recall, wealthy socialite and Girls star Zosia Mamet attempted to get a Kickstarter funded last year so that she and her sister could record a music video for their folk duo the Cabin Sisters. She was widely ridiculed, and didn’t come anywhere close to her $32,000 goal. But she hasn’t given up her dream of music! Oh no, she’s started a new band called Chacha, named after a nickname that was given to her as a child. Buzzfeed has the exclusive footage of Mamet performing an “impromptu gig” with her band at The McKittrick Hotel’s Manderley Bar in New York. So impromptu, in fact, that Buzzfeed just happened to have a cameraman standing by! It’s bad, but awkwardly fun to watch much in the same way that Marnie’s rendition of “Stronger” was in Girls — or, hell, like Allison Williams herself in Peter Pan Live. Why do all these Girls want to break into music so badly? Mamet performed a song called “Too Good,” which is apparently the lead single from the band’s upcoming debut EP, Lucy. You can watch the video over on Buzzfeed.