GFOTY – “Christmas Day”

GFOTY has provided a throughly PC Music take on Christmas with her new track: much like the collective deconstructs traditional pop music conventions by playing into them wholeheartedly, she takes on the inanity of holiday songs by making a track that sounds like what an alien’s attempt to buy into the holiday might be like. “Angel, mistletoe, Christmas Day, let me ride your Christmas sleigh,” she sings, her words eventually devolving into nothing more than a series of popular keywords that one would traditionally associate with the holiday. She does the same thing with the music: a cloying xylophone that mimics bells, a militaristic beat a la “Little Drummer Boy,” and an exultant choir that closes the song out. Tie all of that together with some threatening cover art that features a Santa hat over an ornament that could double as a hand grenade, and you’ve got yourself a Christmas classic for the internet era. Listen below.