Halflife (Riz Ahmed) – “Subtle”

At least in my opinion, the best thing about the new satirical movie Nightcrawler is the British actor Riz Ahmed’s portrayal of Jake Gyllenhaal’s put-upon assistant Rick, the only recognizable human being in an otherwise overwhelmingly bleak and caustic universe. It took me weeks to figure this out somehow, but Ahmed is also half of the rap duo Swet Shop Boys, along with the former Das Racist rapper Heems. Earlier this year, they released a great free-download EP that didn’t get nearly enough attention. In any case, Ahmed can act and rap and is British and handsome and should probably be very famous very soon. Last month, Ahmed launched a new musical project called Halflife. The first single is “Subtle,” a smooth glide of a club track with muttery, very British rapping that reminds me a bit of what Tricky might be doing if he was coming up right now. It’s a cool and interesting song, and you can hear it below.

Ahmed is a busy person, so I can’t imagine we’ll get a Halflife album anytime soon, but who knows. I’m still pulling for a Swet Shop Boys full-length.