Broken Social Scene – “Golden Facelift” Video

Golden Facelift” is a song that Broken Social Scene recorded during the sessions that gave us 2010’s Forgiveness Rock Record. But they didn’t share it until this month, when it was part of Broadsheet Music: A Year In Review, a compilation put together by the Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail. The comp attempts to address the events of the past year, and in sharing “Golden Facelift,” Broken Social Scene write that “2014 has not been without its beauty, but it has also been a year of incredible brutality and all of humanity has a great deal to answer for.” You certainly get that sense from the song’s new video, a found-footage collage that juxtaposes staggering images of natural beauty with footage of various fucked-up human things happening right now: Police clashing with protesters, plastic-surgery disasters, Jian Ghomeshi. A lot of it is hard to watch, but you can watch it below.

You can learn more about Broadsheet Music: A Year In Review at The Globe And Mail.