Billy Corgan Says He Recently Turned Down An Offer To Write For Miley Cyrus

Billy Corgan stays saying amazing things in interviews. During a recent session with the French rock radio station OUI FM, the hosts asked Corgan whether he’d rather tour with Courtney Love or Miley Cyrus, and he picked Miley, saying some nice things about her along the way. In talking about Cyrus, Corgan also casually mentioned that Cyrus’ people asked him to write a song for her, and he turned them down. He did, however, say that he’d consider writing with Cyrus if he were offered the opportunity. Below, read what he says about Cyrus and watch the full interview.

On Cyrus:

We quickly forget that she was once a Disney kid, and part of what makes Miley seem dangerous in the culture is because of where she came from. If she was just some nobody who appeared like she is now, I don’t think people would have the same emotional response. The way I look at it is she’s very talented. As long as somebody’s talented, you can argue all day about should they do this should they not. But she’s very talented. She’s a very good singer. So at least I can stand back and say qualitatively that she’s a better pop star than 99.99% of them, even if I don’t like the music…

Actually, I was asked recently to get involved. But the problem is — and this is nothing against her — but that whole world in LA is they want you to write a bunch of songs, then the pop people pick through: “I want that one, I want that one.” I don’t do that. If she called me and said, “Would you write a song with me?,” I would consider it. Because again, she is very talented, and it would be a cool thing to explore. But I’m not going to write a song and sit by the fire, hoping that Miley will pick my song over the next stupid song.

(via Alternative Nation)

And here’s the interview, which also includes an acoustic session and Corgan repping for Lenny Kravitz:

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