Check Out The NewHive Multimedia Mixtape Prime Ordeal

A few months ago, EMA used the web platform NewHive to publish her Back To The Void zine, a fascinating deep-dive into everything an artist feels like sharing with the public. Now NewHive has used its tough-to-describe all-media-at-once capabilities to release a “multimedia mixtape” compilation called Prime Ordeal. The poet and NewHive Director Of Media And Special Projects Melissa Broder dreamed up the tape, and the San Francisco producer Blackbird Blackbird curated its mix of jittery, ADD dance music. The tape has previously unreleased tracks from people like Beat Connection and Nightmoves, as well as a Champagne Drip remix of Lemonade’s “Durutti Shores.” And all those songs come with brain-breaking gif-style art from artists like Molly Soda and Terrell Davis. If you’re into what PC Music does, you will find plenty to like here. Check out the whole thing below.

Experience the whole thing, in grander sizes, over here.