Bono Reviews His Year A To Z, Shares X-Ray Of His Titanium Elbow

Bono has had a roller coaster ride of a year between the (however troubled) release of Songs Of Innocence and the bicycle injury that left him largely incapacitated. He used some of his time recovering from the accident to write a massive blog post looking back on what happened to him this year in a “from-A-to-Z” format. “This is too long,” he began. “You should not have time to read this. If you do get to the end of it then you are probably on the same painkillers as me.” Bono said that he’s cancelled all of his public appearances for the first half of the year so that he can “concentrate hard to be ready for the U2 tour in fitness terms,” and that “it is not clear that I will ever play guitar again,” though he says that won’t stop him from writing music. He also shared some photos, including one of the titanium plate in his elbow:

Bono X-Ray

The whole blog post is here if you’re interested. It’s very long, but Bono talks about his appreciation for Kanye West, Jimmy Fallon, and the next generation, who he says “can take us into the zero-tolerance zone for a lot of the awfulness in the world right now.”

[Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images.]

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