Hog Slaughta Boys (Earl Sweatshirt & Na’Kel Smith) – “silenceDArapgame”

The members of Odd Future have a grand and proud history of making fake street-rap bangers; Tyler, The Creator’s Bastard track “Tina” is probably still the finest example. The latest in the lineage is “silenceDArapgame,” a new song from a presumably one-off duo called Hog Slaughta Boys. The duo is made up of Earl Sweatshirt and Na’Kel Smith, a teenage pro skateboarder and Odd Future ally. On the song, the two of them go in heavy with near-nonsensical gun-talk threats over an eerie lo-fi beat. It’s obviously two friends fucking around, and I would’t expect it to lead to anything more, but it’s a pretty fun listen. Check it out below.

(via FADER)

There will probably never be a Hog Slaughta Boys album, but I guess stranger things have happened.