Download Rome Fortune & OG Maco YEP Mixtape

Rome Fortune is a gleefully eccentric Atlanta rapper who helped push his city’s rap scene away from center and who has Four Tet’s number in his phone. OG Maco is his protege, a breathless gravelly ranter who scored out of know where last year with the viral hit “U Guessed It.” Together, they’ve teamed up for YEP, a new mixtape that finds the two of them going in over beats from people like Childish Major and SuicideYear. (They’re calling it an EP, but it’s nine tracks long, and that’s long enough for mixtape status as far as I’m concerned.) This is Rome’s first mixtape since he scored Mixtape Of The Week with Small VVorld last year, and you can check out the whole thing below.

(via FADER)

Download YEP here.