Belle And Sebastian – “The Cat With The Cream”

In a couple of weeks, Glasgow indie-pop greats Belle And Sebastian will return with Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, their first album in nearly five years. After throwing the new songs “The Party Line” and “Nobody’s Empire” out into the world, they’re now letting us hear a new single called “The Cat With The Cream.” Whereas much of the new album is relatively synthed-up and dancefloor-centric, especially compared to the rest of the stuff this band has recorded over the years, “The Cat With The Cream” marks a bit of a return to their sweet, downcast insularity anthems. But you won’t mistake “The Cat With The Cream” for anything on If You’re Feeling Sinister; it’s lusher and more produced than any of the band’s older material. The band must’ve worked with a small army of musicians on this thing; it just drips with strings. Use the widget below to give it a listen.

Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance is out 1/19 in Europe and 1/20 in the US on Matador.