Beyoncé Criticized For Chilling With Thai Tiger, Elephant

I was not aware this was legal or even physically possible, but it turns out you can criticize Beyoncé on the internet. Vulture points out that by posing with tigers and riding baby elephants at the FantaSea theme park during a family trip to Thailand, the Carter/Knowles family drew fire from various organizations. World Animal Protection spokesperson Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach issued this condemning statement regarding the tiger photo-op: “When you look behind the scenes, vacation snaps like these support an industry that relies on animal cruelty. Many tourists unwittingly contribute to the suffering of wild animals like these. They’re simply not aware that their ‘once in a lifetime’ photo means a lifetime of misery for that animal.” As for Beyoncé’s elephant ride, One Green Planet scolds, “there is an incredible amount of suffering involved in Thai elephant tourism,” citing training methods that involve separating baby elephants from their mothers and beating them repeatedly. There you have it: Beyoncé has been criticized! Publicly! Consider this a lesson, kids, that anything is possible.

[Photo via Instagram.]

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