Screaming Females – “Criminal Image”

New Jersey punk rock three-piece Screaming Females are one of the best rock bands on the face of the earth today, and the impending release of their new album Rose Mountain is a thing you should be excited about. We’ve posted three songs from the album thus far, and they’ve all been absolute ass-kickers in very different ways: “Wishing Well,” “Ripe,” “Empty Head.” The latest song they’ve shared is another banger. “Criminal Image” is a hard-rolling riff rocker with a blazing solo and a little bit of piano, something I’ve never heard on a Screamales album before. It’s a song to put on when you need to feel invincible. For whatever reason, it comes attached to a video of the three band members brushing their teeth and flossing and using mouthwash. Listen to it below.

(via Paper)

Rose Mountain is out 2/24 on Don Giovanni.