Death Grips Visit Disneyland While “Runway E” Soundtracks London Fashion Week Runway Show

@bbpoltergiest — the Twitter account that’s been largely speculated to belong to Death Grips after tweeting out a possible tour announcement and an insistence that they aren’t broken up — recently sent out the above photo of the experimental rap group hanging out at Disneyland’s Tower Of Terror. Some intense Reddit sleuthing seems to corroborate that the photo was taken over the weekend, around the same time that some of Death Grips’ new Fashion Week instrumentals were used during a show at London’s Fashion Week. As Dazed points out, “Runway E” made an appearance during J.W. Anderson’s show. Seems more and more likely that Death Grips’ demise was just another in a long line of trolls … The Powers That B is apparently getting a physical release on 3/31.

UPDATE 1/14: Looks like Jenny Death may have gotten it’s unconfirmed release date pushed back. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble are now showing a retail date of 3/31, so this post has been updated accordingly.

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