Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Is Playing Jackass’ Ryan Dunn In A Bam Margera Movie

Usually, prominent face tattoos make it hard to get major movie roles. When you’re playing one of the Jackass guys, though, all bets are apparently off. Loudwire reports that Brent Hinds, the red-bearded Mastodon guitar hero will play Ryan Dunn, the late Jackass star who died in a 2011 car accident, in Dunn’s friend Bam Margera’s new movie. The movie is apparently a documentary with dramatic interludes, and it seems like Hinds got the job because he really, really looks a lot like Dunn. (That means it’s on the table that we’ll see the guy from Mastodon visit a doctor’s office with a matchbox car lodged in his rectum.) Margera apparently made the announcement during a supremely drunk backstage interview that appeared on YouTube back in August, but nobody noticed it until now. Check it out:

Are these guys going to be lucid enough to make a real movie? We’ll see! But it bears mentioning that every Jackass movie is amazing.