Waxahatchee – “Air” + Ivy Tripp Details

The last album from Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee — her second, 2013’s Cerulean Salt — was a total revelation: a record that used minimalism, melody, and Crutchfield’s powerful unadorned voice to achieve crushing emotional and psychological impact. She’s since signed to Merge and teased one new song — and today we get both her third album’s details and a debut single. The album is gonna be called Ivy Tripp, it’s out April 7, and that’s its cover art above. The new song, “Air” (which is not the song she teased earlier this month, btw), has a roomier, darker sound than that of Cerulean Salt, and goddamn if it doesn’t hit all the harder for it, especially when Crutchfield shifts from the ominous verse to the uplifting chorus. It’s a magnificent song and you should listen.

Ivy Tripp is out 4/17 via Merge.

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