Stream Ryan Adams’ No Shadow EP Feat. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has been an outspoken supporter of Ryan Adams for a long time, and last year, the two got together onstage to cover Danzig’s “Mother,” of all things. Lately, Adams has been cranking out really good non-album singles and EPs on his Pax-Am label. For his latest release, he’s once again teamed up with Depp, this time for a whole EP. No Shadow has three brand-new Adams songs, and Depp is right there on two of them. This, of course, could be a case of a too-famous guest coming in and projecting ego all over something that didn’t need him. But it’s not. It’s actually great. The title track is a big, searching, openhearted ballad, the sort of thing that could conquer rock radio if rock radio wasn’t determined to suck. Depp sings and plays guitar on it, and he’s got a co-writing credit. Depp also plays guitar on “It’s In My Head,” a hurtling-forward rockabilly ditty. “Stoned Alone” is a riff-driven minute long ramble that somehow doesn’t sound like a studio goof. Honestly, a track like “No Shadow” could do big things for Adams, but he’s throwing it out there on one of these vinyl one-offs because he don’t give a fuck. Bless him for that. If you’ve got a Spotify account, you can hear the full EP below.

The No Shadow EP is out now on Pax-Am. Buy it here.