Clarence Clarity – “Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash”

Clarence Clarity is off in his own world somewhere, channeling a muse that hasn’t made its way to to this dimension yet. Everything that the London auteur does is so deliciously weird that it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Nothing about this should work: the nervy beats feel like they’re an amalgam of the worst kind of Soundcloud producer, he gives off a smarmy aura that comes across like he knows he’s fucking with us. I mean, he mentions witch house in this new track — what even? But everything comes out sounding deliriously fun and sparkling clean, a charming churn of psychedelics and sputtering electronic beats. How does he do it? I don’t know! “Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash” is taken from his forthcoming new album, NO NOW, and it’s a trippy ride. Listen below.

NO NOW is out 3/2 via Bella Union.