Jeremih – “Don’t Tell ‘Em (Remix)” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana) Video

It is rare you see an R&B crooner wear more chains than a rapper in a video, but Jeremih one-ups both Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana in the video for the remix of Jeremih’s summer hit “Don’t Tell ‘Em.” The video is a peek into the lavish life, set in a decadent mansion and filled with images of a lingerie-clad woman, top-shelf alcohol, scattered rose petals, and of course chains galore. Ty Dolla $ign begins the tour of the mansion in a small, extravagantly decorated room, rapping a verse in the same melody as the original hit. Jeremih sings his verse to the aforementioned woman in the bathtub and bedroom, and French Montana wraps up, spitting his verse clad in a classic red-and-black Biggie lumberjack flannel and Cuban-link chain, sitting between two women swaying to the beat. Check it out below.

Jeremih is currently working on his next album, Late Nights, which is due out later this year.