Rick Springfield Gets Emotional At Trial For Injuring Fan With His Butt

Rick Springfield is currently in Syracuse being retried for allegedly knocking a woman unconscious with his butt during a 2004 concert at the New York State Fair, and reports suggest it’s one of the more emotional butt-injury trials in recent memory. Some background: In 2007, Vicki Calcagno, the alleged victim of Springfield’s posterior violence, filed a lawsuit against the “Jessie’s Girl” singer, claiming that his buttocks knocked her unconscious and caused “serious, disabling and permanent injuries” during a concert at Chevrolet Court on 8/24/04. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Paris declared a mistrial in 2013 after a second witness, Penny Anne Nolin, came forward alleging that she, too, was injured by Springfield’s wildly flailing tailbone on that fateful day. Now Springfield is facing a second trial in New York Supreme Court, where he yelled and cried on the stand yesterday. According to Syracuse.com, Calcagno’s lawyer Kenneth Goldblatt ruffled Springfield with a line of questioning Springfield described as “very aggressive,” and the singer/actor later teared up while describing the practice of stalking the catwalk to get closer to his fans. Here’s an excerpt from the report:

Springfield answered questions for more than 90 minutes often smiling and occasionally laughing. Goldblatt asked Springfield if he was a heartthrob and Springfield agreed with a smile. Goldblatt also asked Springfield if he’s ever been grabbed by female fans.

Springfield said it’s common for women at his concerts to “grab my butt if they’re feeling a little saucy.”

Nolin testified that Springfield’s butt landed on her forehead when he fell backwards after losing his balance. She said she was not injured by the fall and that she does not know Calcagno and did not see Calcagno’s injury. Springfield’s tour manager Ronald Grinel also testified that when he met Calcagno at a 2008 deposition, she asked him for concert tickets. Goldblatt asserted that she never asked for tickets but was offered tickets. Calcagno has not testified yet. Here’s some video of Springfield on the stand.

In more positive news for Springfield, he makes out with Meryl Streep in the upcoming film Ricki And The Flash.

[Photo by David Lassman/Syracuse.com.]