FKA Twigs – “Pendulum” Video

FKA twigs is maybe the most reliably great music-video artist currently working; her clips for the LP1 tracks “Two Weeks” and “Video Girl” were among last year’s best. But she’s never directed one of her own music videos below, though she did helm her Google Glass commercial. Twigs’ new clip for her woozy, beautiful “Pendulum” is the first she’s ever made for herself, and she knows what the fuck she’s doing. As with so many of her videos, this one draws heavily on her training as a dancer. It shows her tied up and suspended from ceilings in ways that look deeply uncomfortable, projecting sexual vulnerability and power in equal measures. She also communes with a digital blob and wears a contraption that turns her long braids into, like, antlers. It’s a tough video to describe, but as with everything she does, it’s an absolute must-watch. Check it out below.

(via MTV)

LP1 is out now on Young Turks, and it’s great.

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