Pillow Talk – “Room” (Stereogum Premiere)

Pillow Talk self-released their debut EP Recreational Feelings last year, but they made a jump to Animal Style Records for their next release, and their new material represents a similar jump in style. “Room” is the first single from their forthcoming new EP What We Should Have Said, and it’s a densely layered, moody track that they say was inspired by the Cure, the Smiths, and My Bloody Valentine. Their brand of sparkling, dream-like emo is also filtered through a ton of other influences, but those do seem to stick out the most. Their instruments threaten to slip away into the ether, almost bordering on ambient, but they’re grounded by Josh Cannon’s needling vocals. It’s a warm and inviting track, one that’s bolstered by a one-two punch of quotable lines in the chorus: “If everyone is just the same, then I am no exception/ There’s room for two in my bed, always room for you in my head.” Listen below.

What We Should Have Said is out 3/3 via Animal Style Records.

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