Raury – “Fly” (Feat. Malik Shakur)

Raury – “Fly” (Feat. Malik Shakur)

The genre-defying Atlanta-area teenage prodigy Raury showed tremendous promise on last year’s folk/soul/hip-hop conglomerate Indigo Child, and his latest single absolutely cashes in on that promise. “Fly,” a collaboration with Malik Shakur, was written right after Raury found out Darren Wilson would not be indicted for killing Michael Brown. It’s a soaring acoustic ballad, heartbroken but hopeful, alternately gentle and hellaciously urgent as Raury imagines a better future for his own son someday. The spare, solemn verses and the world-conquering swells of the chorus are both captivating, but what really knocked me in the gut was the spoken-word outro, where Raury spouts phrases like “I hope my son dreams to be mountains” and “I hope he never becomes a hashtag” and “I hope he knows it’s OK to love.” It’s one of the most powerful responses yet to the heartrending turn of events in Ferguson. Listen to it.

Raury tweeted extensively about “Fly” yesterday:

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