Meishi Smile – “Blank Ocean”

Meishi Smile is the project of Los Angeles-based producer Garret Yim, who also founded the Zoom Lens label. His electronic project has been around for a while, and he released a pretty great debut last year that you should check out if you’re into experimental J-pop-influenced stuff. He’s also the latest artist to get a spotlight from Ryan Hemsworth via his always fruitful Secret Songs project. “Blank Ocean” is an exuberant journey through Yim’s scattered influences, and it’s cut with a wistful edge that comes through in the vocals. Looking at the lyrics — which are helpfully provided with the track — it’s easy to see why: “A bittersweet laugh/ is how we’ll pretend/ when the things we can’t change/ fulfill the promise we had,” and the words only get darker from there. “Let’s end our lives in a sentimental way, let’s echo our youth like death in poetry.” Tears on the dance floor — perfect. Listen below.

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