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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

On the intro to last week’s 5 Best Videos post, I complained that music videos had not yet shaken themselves to life this year — that, even factoring in the holiday break, we hadn’t seen a single great video. Well, the break is over! Music videos are back, baby! We got a whole mess of really good videos this week, and I couldn’t even find room for all of them on this list. (Apologies to Shabazz Palaces, Flying Lotus, and A-Trak, all of whom made deserving videos that got crowded out.) Any one of the five videos below would’ve been #1 last week. Here’s this week’s list:

5. Weyes Blood – “Bad Magic” (Dir. Joey Frank)

The invention of the drone camera may have changed low-budget music videos — and, for that matter, low-budget filmmaking — forever. A few years ago, you would’ve needed a helicopter to get these scenes of sweeping natural beauty. And for some reason, the shots of Natalie Mering adoringly lifting the drone into the sky just kill me.

4. Mount Eerie – “This” (Dir. Peter J. Brant)

A series of disconnected images so evocative that you can almost breathe them in. If I could get a gif of that sword slicing through the water on me, I probably would.

3. Moon Duo – “Animal” (Dir. Richie Jackson)

Kyle Mooney’s reaction at the end of the video is pretty much my reaction to this entire thing.

2. Childish Gambino – “Sober” (Dir. Hiro Murai)

Two albums and a fuckton of EPs and mixtapes in, I am still not sold on the idea of Donald Glover as a rapper. I am, however, entirely sold on the idea of Donald Glover as a horror-movie monster, mostly just on the strength of this video. Someone, preferably Hiro Murai, should get on that.

1. FKA twigs – “Pendulum” (Dir. FKA twigs)

Your homework assignment for the weekend: Stay up until 4AM, eat a bunch of junk food, and watch this video just as you’re about to fall asleep. Then, when you wake up, write down everything you dreamed about.