Death Cab Enlist Fans To Piece Together “Black Sun” Lyrics On Instagram

Death Cab’s doing some Taylor Swift-grade marketing for their new album, Kintsugi, and its lead single, “Black Sun.” Here’s the band’s explanation: “Ben has hand painted the lyrics of the next Death Cab For Cutie single onto a canvas and cut it into thirty three unique pieces. Those pieces have been sent to fans who have no idea what they’re about to receive.” The pieces are being collected over on the DCFC website and, while not all of them are up yet, we do have some full lines from the new song available: “There is a desert veiled in pavement and there’s a city of seven hills and all our debris flows to the ocean to meet you again, I hope it will” and “There is a role of a lifetime and there’s a song to be sung.” Watch the full thing come together right here.


Death Cab’s first show without Chris Walla is taking place this Tuesday. Kintsugi is out 3/31 via Atlantic.