Stream Jessica Pratt On Your Own Love Again

Jessica Pratt drummed up anticipation for her sophomore album largely on the strength of “Back, Baby,” the only track she’s put out in the lead-up to the record’s release. (OK, technically “Game That I Play” surfaced over a year ago, but that doesn’t count.) “Back, Baby” is such a stellar and definitive track for the San Francisco singer-songwriter that little else was needed. It’s a timeless song, powerful because of its haunting specificity and a dour, rambling quality that puts her in the same league as the ’60s and ’70s singer-songwriters that she’s channeling through her music. On Your Own Love Again has eight other tracks that are just as strong as that one, and you can now stream the full thing over on NPR.

On Your Own Love Again is out 1/27 via Drag City.