Of Unicorns And Caucuses

Things are a little quiet in the blogosphere today. Is everyone out celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? I sure am — I’ll have you know I have several black Friendsters.

I forgot to mention I braved the blizzard last Wednesday and went to the Unicorns show at Southpaw. The Unicorns are very hot with the Insound kids apparently. I wasn’t blown away, and I promised James I wouldn’t lie about that on the blog. But I did buy their CD and I think it has a chance of growing on me, so I’ll let you decide via the magic of MP3…

The Unicorns – “Tuff Ghost”
The Unicorns – “Les Os”

(Check out Catbirdseat’s awesome Jan ’04 Mix if you wanna hear a third track.)

Here are some pics I took (much to Nic Unicorns’ dismay — sorry for flashing in your face dude.)

And if you can tear yourself away from the Iowa caucus coverage tonight — Like Jury Duty? You’ll Love Caucuses — check out VH1’s Bands Reunited. Ten bands (including Berlin, Kajagoogoo, and Extreme) in ten nights. VH1 tracks down the members and tries to convince them to reunite for one last performance. Will they do it? I can’t tell you! You’ll have to watch.

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