It’s 2015 And Alice In Chains Played Halftime At The NFC Championship Game

Alice In Chains might be a beloved local institution in Seattle, but they’re also a band who got famous singing dirges about the mental toll of war and addiction. Heroin killed their singer. They are maybe not the band to deliver the pump-you-up anthems that you might need at halftime of a tense, crucial home playoff game. But that’s what they did. AIC, who have been playing with new fill-in singer William DuVall ever since their 2006 reunion, played the halftime show at yesterday’s NFC Championship game, where the Seattle Seahawks won a dramatic last-minute victory over the Green Bay Packers. And maybe Alice In Chains should get some of that credit? Probably not. The set wasn’t televised, but Seattle native and Seahawks fan Joel McHale introduced the band, and they played “Man In The Box” and “Would?” No “Rooster,” which was probably wise. You can watch fan-made video of the performance below.

(via Everybody Loves Our Town)

This is the part where I have to wonder whether Candlebox were busy, but actually that sounded just fine.