Rye Pines – “Atlantic Ascent” (Stereogum Premiere)

Clocking in at just a minute-and-a-half, “Atlantic Ascent” is over just as quickly as it begins. But Rye Pines do a lot with that time, constructing a guitar line that snakes around mechanical drumming with a salt-encrusted buoyancy, lifting Edward Maguire’s voice to gravelly new heights. “Oh, the northeast: grey gulls and the bitter breeze” the track begins, painting a vivid picture of dark skies and choppy waves. “Criss cross, traverse the frozen beach.” Born and bred in the same Boston scene that’s given us bands like Pile, Kal Marks, and Krill, they share a lot of the same nervy DNA as those bands while still providing their own spin on things. “Atlantic Ascent” is the first song they’ve shared from their upcoming Dead Ocean EP, the followup to last year’s masterful debut A Portrait Of Dissonance As A Young Man. Listen below.

Dead Ocean is out 2/17 via Bob Records.

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