Sleater-Kinney – “Heavy When I Need It” & “The Fog And Filthy Air”

UPDATE: There’s also a second No Cities To Love vinyl bonus track, “The Fog And Filthy Air.” A vinyl rip of that one is streaming below, too.

The reactivated Sleater-Kinney’s amazing comeback album No Cities To Love is out today, and today is also the day we learn that the album’s vinyl edition comes with a bonus track that’s not available anywhere else. That song is called “Heavy When I Need It,” and it’s a forceful and insistent rocker with a top-form Carrie Brownstein lead vocal. The band’s internal chemistry, an absolutely remarkable thing, is on full display here. There aren’t too many bands who would toss a song out like this out as a vinyl-only bonus. Listen to a vinyl rip below.

“Heavy When I Need It”:

“The Fog And Filthy Air”:

(via Clownstein)

No Cities To Love is out now on Sub Pop.