Beat Spacek – “I Want You (Animal Collective Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Steve White operates under numerous monikers, for good reason: It seems he needs multiple identities and outlets to match the eclectic nature of his many sounds. White came up as bassist, vocalist, and songwriter in the British electro R&B band Spacek (aka Spacek Sound System) in the mid-’90s, working under the name Steve Spacek. That band released two albums — Curvatia (2001) and Vintage Hi-Tech (2003) — which had spacey synths, precisely chopped samples, and even classical elements that crossed genres to gain the attention of the likes of Mos Def and the late, great J Dilla. White released a 2005 solo album as Steve Spacek, called Spaceshift, which featured the funky, Billy Paul-sample-driven “Dollar,” produced by Dilla. In 2011, as half of the duo Africa Hitech, working with Mark Pritchard, White went into producer mode to create the album 93 Million Miles, which married electro sounds, off-time on-purpose drum patterns, and atmospheric sweeps into a highly cohesive project that plays like a DJ mix. His upcoming album is called Modern Streets, and it will be released under the moniker Beat Spacek. Modern Streets adds yet another dimension to White’s sound, largely using iPhone and iPad apps to build futuristic beats. Today, we’ve got Modern Streets track “I Want You,” as remixed by Animal Collective’s Deakin, which combines an atmospheric vibe, siren-like synths, heavily layered vocals, and lo-fi drums. Check it out below.

Modern Streets is out 1/26 via Ninja Tune. Pre-order it at iTunes, Bandcamp, or the label.