Download Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs shh#000000 Compilation

Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs project has become a treasure trove of under-the-radar producers and up-and-coming artists. Besides releasing a new song every week, they also got into the compilation game last year with their debut shh#ffb6c1 comp, which featured artists like GFOTY, Kero Kero Bonito, and et aliae basing their songs around the color pink. They’ve just put out another compilation, shh#000000, this time named after the hex color code for black, and the songs are appropriately a lot darker. Whereas the first compilation flitted by in a sugar rush blur, this one feels more like a sticky pit of tar. It’s less immediate than shh#ffb6c1, but no less satisfying. It also features less well-known names — though Ratking’s Wiki and Beat Culture are thrown into the mix — but that’s half the fun of these mixes anyway: without any expectations, every artist can surprise you. And this has a lot of nice surprises: on first listen, Dro Carey’s “Rollcage,” Fever Trail’s “Scrum,” and Beat Culture’s contribution stick out, but these are songs that will only get better with repeat listens. Listen to and download the whole thing below.

You can download the whole thing in a .zip file.