Ex Hex – “Don’t Wanna Lose” Video

Mary Timony’s new power-pop power trio Ex Hex released their ridiculously fun debut album Rips last year, and their new video for their tough and charged-up single “Don’t Wanna Lose” does a near-perfect job showcasing everything that’s great about it. Just as their “Waterfall” movie riffed on ’50s sci-fi B-movies, the “Don’t Wanna Lose” video is a take-off on the cult-beloved 1982 punk rock musical Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains. The members of the band rock teased hair and leotards, they roller-skate, and they show up on fake zine covers. It’s glorious to see this specific strain of ’90s punk rock energy back in effect; it’s like an issue of Ben Is Dead come to life. Lara Gallagher directs. You should really watch it below.

Rips is out now on Merge.