Interpol – “Everything Is Wrong” Video (Dir. Paul Banks)

Last year, Interpol frontman Paul Banks directed his band’s boxing-focused video for “Twice As Hard,” a song from their album El Pintor. He’s now made another one, a black-and-white video for “Everything Is Wrong.” The clip follows the three members of Interpol around New York as they get ready for a show. The twist: The other two guys are lovely and urbane young men who help old ladies across the street and draw adoring looks from supermodel-looking ladies. Banks, meanwhile, is an absolute scuzzball who hangs out with one of the boxers from the “Twice As Hard” video and who just annoys and creeps out everyone. He’s basically a Jeremy Renner character. This might actually be the first recorded instance of a member of Interpol being funny on purpose. I like to think this is the version of Banks that made Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed To Be. The video is an unexpected delight, and you can watch it below.

El Pintor is out now on Matador.