Scott Weiland Downplays New Supergroup, Sells Paintballing Sessions

A little more than two weeks ago, former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland announced that he has been working on an album titled Blaster with his new band the Wildabouts. In addition, Weiland recorded vocals in the new supergroup Art Of Anarchy, accompanied by singers Vince and Jon Votta, and featuring instrumentals by Disturbed bassist John Moyer and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron Thal. News of the supergroup came out yesterday, but while Weiland does admit to singing on the album, he just doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal — he’s way more stoked on this Wildabouts release. Weiland addressed the supergroup in a Facebook post yesterday.

I just saw some press about a side project called Art Of Anarchy that I worked on last year — I wrote and put my vocals down for these guys and had fun doing a couple of videos too, we had a lot of fun. When they find their front man to hit the road and play some dates, check them out. In the meantime, if you want to check out where I’m at RIGHT NOW, check out my band, SCOTT WEILAND AND THE WILDABOUTS. I couldn’t be more excited about our new record, Blaster, that comes out March 31st.

In other news, you can pay $1,750 to go paintballing with Weiland in the LA area to raise funds for his future endeavors. This is being offered now on the singer’s Pledge Music site, though you will have to pay your own airfare if you live nowhere near Southern California.

Blaster will be out 3/31 via Softdrive Records.