Joey Bada$$ Says Feds Have Tapped His Phone Since Malia Obama Photo

I’ve gotta say, the fact that Malia Obama’s Pro Era T-shirt wasn’t brought up during the president’s State Of The Union address on Tuesday was a huge disappointment to me. It’s not a matter of national security, but it’s pretty fucking cool that Malia Obama is into Joey Bada$$, though it’s less cool that someone decided to out this fact to the entire world (aka the internet). Bada$$ appeared on Sway’s Universe yesterday to talk about the rollout of his latest album B4.DA.$$, and mentioned that he thinks the feds may have tapped his phone. He also responds to mainstream media criticism that he’s a gun-toting, gangsta-rapping, cop-hating, anti-white Marxist. Bada$$ knows what he’s about. Watch him articulate it below.