Watch Stephen Malkmus Cover Black Crowes, Jarvis Cocker Cover Sham 69 At Vice 20th

Back in December, Vice threw itself a grand and ridiculous 20th anniversary party, bringing a lineup of entertainers as deep and impressive as it was strange: Lil Wayne! Scarlett Johansson! Meredith Graves! Jonah Hill covering Drake! Stephen Malkmus was one of the evening’s entertainers. Backed by a house band that included the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner and Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt, Malkmus sang the Black Crowes’ 1992 hit “Remedy,” which happens to be #2 on our list of the Black Crowes’ best-ever songs. Malkmus is enough of a fan that he actually sang it, without that much obvious irony, but he’s not so much of a fan that he knew the words; he read them off a phone. The Black Crowes, evidently realizing that they’d been bested at their own game, broke up a month later. Meanwhile, Malkmus’ fellow ’90s smart-rock demigod Jarvis Cocker covered Sham 69’s 1979 street-punk classic “If The Kids Are United,” and you best believe he did not need a reminder on those lyrics. Vice has just shared pro videos of both performances, and you can watch them below.

If you couldn’t tell from those two performances, Sham 69 >>>>> Black Crowes, always and forever.