Stream Aggrocragg Figi Afterglow EP (Stereogum Premiere)

Figi Afterglow is the first collection of demos from Aggrocragg, the new solo project of former It Looks Sad bassist Lamont Brown. It was recorded in his bedroom, and is appropriately well-worn and imbued with a deep-seated intimacy that helps establish the reflective, insular headspace he must have been in to write these tracks. It opens with “Units,” which moves along with a stuttering urgency that reminds me of the nervous energy of early Foals. “Bragg Towers,” arguably the highlight of the release, comes next. It’s a quivering track with an immutable swagger, one whose backbone is built on a single twisted, warbled syllable that carries throughout the song. Repetition is big here — Brown settles on certain phrases throughout these songs, circling around thoughts in his head and finding variations on their meanings. These phrases are often foggy with self-doubt and uncertainty: “Never meant for you to fall,” “It’s not OK, I mind,” “It’s alright, I’m overthinking.” Brown does a lot of overthinking on Figi Afterglow, sifting through past mistakes and battling misconceptions. It’s all summed up with this conversation he has with himself on “Sports”: “Am I feeling alright? / ‘You feeling alright?’ / Maybe, I don’t know? / Maybe I should care.” Listen below.

Figi Afterglow will be self-released on his Bandcamp.

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