Stream Kizzy Hall A Touch Of Kizz In The Night

Kizzy Hall are the latest entrants in Ohio’s grand tradition of scrappy, melodic, lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a lineage that stretches from ’70s DIY innovator Mike “Rep” Hummel to modern-day melodic shit-kickers Connections, most famously exemplified by Guided By Voices and Times New Viking. But if this new bunch of Columbus upstarts reminds me of anybody, it’s 84 Nash, the awesome and underrated band of young GBV disciples that once featured Connections frontman Kevin Elliott and guitarist Andy Hampel. I’ve big-upped 84 Nash before and will continue to big-up them until Band For Hire is widely recognized as a long-lost classic. A Touch Of Kizz In The Night, the 16-track album Kizzy Hall uploaded to Bandcamp last month, is bursting with the same sort of boisterous energy, skipping fearlessly across the garage-rock spectrum from uptempo ragers to dreamy slow-dance ballads to jangly singalongs (and that’s just the first three tracks). Kizzy’s songs tend to get in and out in two minutes or less, and the hooks come so fast you’ll have trouble settling on a favorite. Hear the whole record below.

A Touch Of Kizz In The Night is out now. Buy it at Bandcamp.

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