Stream John Carpenter Lost Themes

One of the many reasons 2015 is an amazing time to be alive: John Carpenter is about to drop an album on Sacred Bones. Carpenter is one of the great horror and sci-fi directors of all-time, and thanks to his history of scoring his own movies, he’s also a tremendously important musician. His early, ominous synth soundtracks helped show the world how to use electronics to build a mood, to create a sense of danger and unreality. And now he’s labelmates with Pharmakon. Next week, Carpenter will release the instrumental album Lost Themes, his first LP that isn’t a film soundtrack. It’s awesome. We’ve posted early tracks “Vortex” and “Night,” and the whole thing sounds like the soundtrack to a really, really good movie. Listen to all of it at NPR.

Lost Themes is out 2/3 on Sacred Bones.