Stream Height Keech Talk Singer (Stereogum Premiere)

Dan Keech, the Baltimore rapper who records as Height, has been a vital part of his hometown’s DIY-indie scene for more than a decade, and he’s also a supremely good dude. There’s a good chance you’ve seen him on tour with Dan Deacon. For the past few years, Keech has been putting out low-key fun-as-hell records with his Height With Friends group; we posted streams to his last two, the conceptual period pieces Versus Dynamic Sounds and Versus Electric Rockers. Keech’s latest is a guitar-based affair, and since it’s a solo record, he’s using the new moniker Height Keech. Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner sings throughout the record, which should be reason enough for you to check it out, and it’s some powerfully swampy and jagged hybrid rap music that doesn’t sound quite like anything I’ve heard before. Stream the whole album below.

Talk Singer is out 1/31 on Cold Rhymes Records/Friends Records.