Andy Butler – “You Can Shine” (Feat. Richard Kennedy)

Andy Butler – “You Can Shine” (Feat. Richard Kennedy)

Hercules And Love Affair’s Andy Butler is about to release a two-track solo EP called You Can Shine. The title track is a darkly euphoric techno cut with guest vocalist Richard Kennedy rhapsodizing over top in gospel style. Check it out below.

(via Pitchfork)

Here’s a statement from Butler:

Whilst Hercules has a collaborative, collective approach, “Shine” goes for a more direct approach, a stomping, uplifting club 12″ but it’s me so it will still have something of Hercules about it. I wanted to tap into the gospel tradition, for there to be a testifying quality to the record. Richard and I talk in the lyrics about putting ego aside and allowing people around you to shine. You shine when you acknowledge other people’s shine, even, if you will, the creator’s shine. I hope we’ve created something new. House is often soulful but you very rarely hear a big gospel-inflected voice paired with booming, doomy techno.

“Personality Track” is the other song on the EP.

You Can Shine is out on vinyl 2/23, on Beatport 3/16, and on iTunes and other digital retailers 3/30 via Butler’s label mr. intl.

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