GFOTY – “All The Small Things” (Blink-182 Cover)

GFOTY is one of the best things — if not the best thing — to come out of PC Music, and she’s just shared a new 11-minute CAKE mix containing a few new tracks and a timely cover. As with most of her work, the new mix pits glitchy noise-punk breakdowns right up against puckeringly sweet moments of digital clarity, and neither ends up coming out on top. She creates an off-kilter world where a demonic warning like “drown her in my tears” is immediately followed by an innocently coy “I want you to like me.” The whole thing is capped off by a towering cover of Blink-182’s “All The Small Things.” The timing is too good for it to be a comment on all of the turmoil happening in their camp right now, but the fractured nature of the cover serves as a good summary of it nonetheless. The Blink cover comes in at around 9:35, but the whole thing is worth a listen. Check it out and read some words from GFOTY below.

Basically Cake Mix was created after I got with this really hot guy who had a GF – I mean, I thought he was hot at the time but in reality he looks like that really weird bloated face when your making a Mii character on your Wii – you know the one yeah? It’s kinda just about me stealing people’s boyfriends and being abnormally huge. This one guy on Twitter said he saw me out once and I was way smaller then he imagined and to ‘never meet your heroes’ or something like that and I mean like I’m 169cms (5’5″) and I wear high shoes all the time too so like HOW TALL DID HE WANT ME TO BE? So I guess – yeah it’s kinda inspired by that guy on Twitter primarily. So I guess cake has nothing to do with the mix apart from me making cakes and stuff.

Mix Tracklist:
“Mysterious GFOTY”
“All The Small Things” (Blink-182 Cover)

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