Hear A Ton Of Previously Unreleased Aphex Twin Tracks

Aphex Twin — or at least someone with extensive access to Richard D. James’ back library — has been uploading a bunch of tracks to a mysterious Soundcloud over the past few days purporting to be old Aphex tracks that were never released. Pitchfork lays out all of the details as to why these tracks are probably legit. A quick summary: some of these songs have appeared in Aphex-related ventures, and a few were even confirmed to be real by Planet Mu label founder Mike Paradinas. But the most important takeaway is that there are 40+ new Aphex Twin tracks sitting on Soundcloud waiting for you to listen to them. And after such a long drought followed by Syro, Caustic Window, and Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 in quick succession, it’s been an embarrassment of Aphex riches. You can check them all out on user48736353001’s Soundcloud, or listen to a few choice cuts below.

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