Rye Pines – “Pessimist”

I spent a few days in Boston last summer and was genuinely saddened when the dudes I encountered in Allston didn’t have the same kind of grating, goofy voices that I’ve grown accustomed to when I hear music coming out of the area. Kal Marks, Pile, Krill, and occasionally Bad History Month all have a very particular vocal affectation that makes their music unmistakable even to an untrained ear. Despite their obvious differences, there’s a supreme lack of self-seriousness in all of these voices that’s so refreshing — you can practically hear the corners of their mouths curl up at the end of each verse. Rye Pines can be added to this list with their latest track “Pessimist,” a song that starts off with Edward Maguire’s contrarian declaration, “There’s no such thing as summer or spring.” Maguire knows how to shout memorable lyrics with wry conviction (“Can you smell it?/ There’s change in this house and I’m gonna sniff it out”), and accompanied by Alex Page’s semi-spastic, wholly cathartic drumming, “Pessimist” sounds like an anxiety attack. The song will be released on the band’s forthcoming EP Dead Ocean, which includes the equally compelling “Atlantic Ascent.” Listen to “Pessimist” and check out the Dead Ocean tracklist below.

Dead Ocean tracklist:
01 “Death”
02 “Limbo Shuffle”
03 “Atlantic Ascent”
04 “In The Wake”
05 “Drone Tone”
06 “Pessimist”

Dead Ocean is out 2/17 via Bob Records.

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